BMC Targets

BMC Targets

BMC Targets

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BMC Targets

BMC Targets

BMC bietet ein Ziel für jedes Budget.

The BMC Triple Foam target is made using high desisty ethafoam pieces compacted together to provide a high quality durable target. 

 Available in three sizes: 

• 60x60 x 18 cm 

• 80x80 x 18 cm 

• 100x100 x 18 cm

But also the single Target in same dimensions is a durable target for recurve Archery. No need to spent a fortune for a target-

A no-nonsence target.

Arrows are easy to pull out
BMC is a new foam target, excellent for use in leisure and at home or professional use. light in weight and easy in transport.
BMC now also provides same quality targets with replacable centers..
The BMC Targets will also be installed in the new Indoor atchery Hall. The Hall which will be equiped for 3-D as well as for target archery, will include a variety of different targets. You caan make the judgement by yourself which one to purchase.
BMC Targets fully suit the objective of Gurpard Archery, to provide the archers with the best quality/ Price balance. No need to throw the money out of the window.
At Guepard Archery we have no sales talk but rather go for technological facts.
Of course we can provide you also with target strips in same quality made by B;C. Target standards at an affordable price are part of our supply chain.

BMC Targets.

Become Member of the Club of Indoor Archers who love Indoor 3-D archery combined with target archers.

The Bogenschiesscenter in Strengelbach makes it all possible.

Bogensport as it should be. Fun and pleasure with possibility to buy your equipment at decent price levels compatrable to EU levels.

Have a look at the relevant products and conclude by your self. Get valöuee for your money rather then to spent ot forr just the name.

BMC Targets. Get the Best.


Guepard-Bogensport GmbH

BMC Targets. The No-Nonsense targets from BMC. Top quality at a top proce. Makes you to forget about stramit and targets which cost a fortune.

Adres Guepard-Bogensport GmbH Brittnauerstrasse 14 4802 Strengelbach
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