Sehnen und Kabel

Guepard setzt sich zum Ziel Für Schweizer Bogenschütze Produkten an zu bieten auf Fairen Preis-niveau.Schweizer Schütze können viele hunderte Franken sparen für gleiche Produkten.Pfeile , Bogen oder Klein Material wie Nocken und Spitzen. Top Qualität...

Many produce strings. 
Plenty of choice

Several years ago we met an archer with good reputation who showed us his Flemish strings.

Made according a recepy he got from his Granddfather.Supposed to avoid vibration of the string and limbs after the arrow is released. For recurve bows, whether Olympic or Traditional.

We gave it a try.

Meanwhile many felled in love with such string. Of course available in any colour and tailored to any length you need.

The strings have a fixed length and are original Flemish.

Decided to take them into the SkyArt Product range. No mass string with the nice story free of charge.

Two years experience were enough to get the prove of the pudding.

Branded as SkyArt SG-50, now available. Tailored to your needs.

Brings your bow to rest immediate after the arrow is released. No vibrations of string or limbs.

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