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Slick Trick

Slick Tirck Broadheads

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Slick Trick

Super Steel™ Ferrules

All Slick Trick super-slim ferrules are designed with extreme precision and exact tolerances to increase penetration and maximize durability. We use the finest steel materials that are perfectly hardened and offer ultimate strength, unmatched durability and incredible bone-crushing penetration.


Superior Durability

Steel offers strength and structural integrity that’s exponentially greater than aluminum. Our Super Steel™ will not distort or bend over time with standard use giving confidence that Slick Trick broadheads will shoot straight — shot after shot – year after year.


Alcatraz™ Bladelock System

Like the infamous prison, our Patented BladeLock system leads the market in security. Thanks to an interlocking blade design that’s 100% protected by our Super Steel™ ferrules it’s nearly impossible to lose a blade – even when taxed by the most extreme conditions and penetration tests.


Blades are Locked In Tight

Thanks to this design our high quality scalpel-sharp blades will pass through hide, flesh and bone — remaining intact and ready to shoot again and again. This ensures your broadheads will never shed a blade.


Lutz® Blades

Precision engineered German Stainless Steel blades that are regarded as the worlds finest and widely recognized for their surgical-grade sharpness. At .035" thick, they provide exceptional straightness, strength, resilience and the deep cutting power prescribed by hardcore bowhunters.

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Slick Tirck Broadheads

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